Looking for luxury? The Royal Crescent Hotel in Bath oozes it

The Royal Crescent Hotel is renowned for its traditional beauty. Here’s our experience.

Entrance to The Royal Crescent Hotel, Bath, is as quaint as it is magnificent.  The hotel itself is part of thirty terraced houses that make up John Wood the Younger’s architectural triumph.  Due to being listed as a grade 1 structure, its Georgian stone facade remains beautiful to look at.   

On arrival our suitcases were promptly taken by the concierge. We were guided into a waiting room littered with plush looking armchairs and sofas, before being whisked away on a tour of the hotel. Jaws had already dropped to floor level by this stage.

Forget room cards. The Royal Crescent hands you a traditional key for your door. Being a small, boutique style hotel, you’ll find only two to three rooms per floor. We kept the curtains open for as long as possible because of our beautiful view over Bath and beyond, though the risk of sliding nakedly into bed, fully lit by the moon, as well as the lighting of the restaurant and bar opposite, was extremely high.  

A hand-written name tag on the door will invite you into a space of comfortable, luxurious elegance. It was clear that every aspect of our room had been designed with a painstakingly precise level of attention to detail. Put more simply, the morning tea tray consisted of loose-leaf tea bags as opposed to your average English breakfast, and the radio had also been pre-tuned to classic FM ready for our arrival.

Afternoon tea is a must at The Royal Crescent Hotel. Expect the full chabang; tiered trays of scones, Bath buns (homemade sweet bread rolls that are a speciality of the city), finger sandwiches and fluorescent patisserie. By the time we reached the last tier food was gathering in the warmth of our cheeks instead of being swallowed. 

One of the joys of the hotel is its proximity to Bath’s city centre. A ten minute stroll through the nearby park leads you onto the beautiful streets of Bath.

​Breakfast is served in the hotel’s elegant restaurant, which sits next to the spa – another stunning building that offers treatments. It’s the kind of place where couples meander back and forth in their bathrobes; the ultimate place to recuperate in pure bliss.

​At breakfast, take advantage of an unlimited food order system. Our six course one went something like tea – pastries – cereal – cooked breakfast – waffles – leftover pastries. At the pastry stage, we were questioned a total of three times on whether another course was necessary. But keep at it, they eventually back down. 

Leaving Bath was difficult. The Royal Crescent Hotel is a draw in itself and the perfect retreat for a special holiday. Plus, Bristol airport is one hour’s drive away, making access to the hotel incredibly easy. If you’re looking for a luxurious break in a beautiful city, you could do much, much worse.

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